How to Dry Roses keeping their color

Dried roses are a great way of giving your home a Victorian look of decor. If you've never had them in your house before, take a look at how to dry roses all on your own in simple steps.
Even if you are not a person who loves to decorate the house or your room by making things, you can completely rely on a vase of dried roses for elegance. As the concept of having dried roses as an interior decoration idea was initiated by the British, today, it is used universally. Dried roses make the room look beautiful and delicate, giving it a Victorian and authentic look. The best part about these dried roses is that you don't need to spend money buying them from an expensive store, you can make them at home. So, read on to find out how to dry roses in a few simple steps and they can be preserved for a very long time.

How to Dry Roses and Keep their Color

Roses are beautiful and elegant flowers which symbolize the rich and fascinating beauty. They stand for the strength and endurance of womanhood. Having roses in the house can be an attention grasping sight for guests. Though fresh roses give a very stunning glow to the room, dried ones make it look royal. Given below are some very easy yet effective steps for how to dry roses on your own using various techniques.

Dry Roses at Home

An interesting part about this whole procedure for how to dry roses is, you can dry them with hairspray. To dry roses with hairspray is the easiest homemade technique to create unique looking roses for your living room. More on flower arrangements.

Step 1: Buy some roses of any color preferably, black or purple. Use as many as you want. The more amount will make the piece of work look grand and beautiful.

Step 2: Wait till the heads of the roses become droopy and the flowers are almost on the verge to die. Make sure they have not started loosing their petals yet.

Step 3: Remove all the leaves from the bottom of the stems and loosely twist a rubber band around its bottom.

Step 4: Then find a place to dry petals of roses like the window or a heating vent and put a push-pin in the wall to hang them on it. Spray them with hairspray to make sure the petals do not fall off. Wait till the roses are completely dried for about 2 weeks and then put them in the vase to keep them over the fireplace or a table by the window.

Dry Roses in The Microwave

Drying roses in your microwave is comparatively an easy job as it lessens the time for drying them.

Step 1: If you're wondering how to dry roses in the microwave, first of all, line the bottom of the microwave safe container with about 2 inches of silica gel.

Step 2: Lay the roses gently on the top of this silica gel surface so that they don't touch each other. Remove some leaves from the bottom area of the stem.

Step 3: Cover the tops of the roses carefully with some more silica gel and make sure that the roses are not flattened because of the gel.

Step 4: Now place the uncovered bowl in the microwave and set the temperature 2 levels above defrost and set the time for two minutes. Once the time is up, check if the roses are dry and if not repeat and check a few more times. If they do not dry after two intervals, increase the temperature.

Step 5: After the roses are dry, cover the container with it's lid and then remove it slightly to release some air inside it. Allow the container to set for 24 hours till it cools completely and then remove it from the silica gel to clean them well. This is a great way of using these dry roses for potpourri crafts and designs.

With those easy tips for how to dry roses, you can use them for home decorating. Once these roses are dried, you can even paint them with paints that match your interiors to make the house look presentable and elegant.

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